Family Reunited

A Visual Encyclopedia of Families


Family Reunited is a voluminous collection of images that have visual and thematic associations. The collection touches upon dilemmas families experience due to separation forced by social-cultural and political reasons. For example, my country, Korea, is divided into two nations— North and South— because of their different political preferences. Sometimes, we forget that people are from the same root and develop feelings of hatred and disgust that separate us even further. It is tragic that political divisions in a country create strong emotions that hinder people from realizing that they were once a family. This dilemma led to the question: “What is more powerful than emotions aroused by culture and politics?”


While searching for the right way to sequence the images, I discovered that their visual links overpowered the contextual meaning of the image. Based on this, I am able to redefine what family is. Family is determined by neither cultural nor scientific norms but visual similarity, which is the most outward sign of a family's narrative. My goal is to find visual reunification between two worlds to prove this. Family Reunited suggests different perspectives on cultural and political issues that divide the world and also approaches to erase emotions created by boundaries.

Designed & Excuted by

Lucia Jiwon Kim



Caspar Lam



Reader by Colophon Foundry



Dur-O-Tone Butcher by French Paper & Superfine Eggshell White by Mohawk Paper


Bound by

Bridgeport National Bindery, MA